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The Wicker Studio

The Wicker Studio is a showroom for outdoor furniture based in Ahmedabad. Beginning with the premise of recreating the outdoors in an interior environment, each stage of design focused on creating micro-environments for the diverse furniture on display and bringing it cohesively under one roof.

The palette of materials has been kept as natural and raw as possible. Exposed brickwork and grey stucco make up the feature wall on both the floors. Tall MS frames are strategically suspended from the ceiling to create small pockets of space to display larger furniture clusters. This allows one to view them in their entirety, stopping the eye from wandering on to the next cluster. Each smaller space is defined by varying patterns of exposed brickwork that form the backdrop. The kota stone flooring on the ground floor is offset by patches of pebbles, reminiscent of outdoor garden walkways. On the other side, a raised platform to display special chairs and smaller pieces has been created by using exposed brick paving.

Situated in a commercial complex, the immediate environment is totally contradictory to the one that the furniture is going to be placed in once it gets sold. The use of a raw material palette enhances the sensory experience and helps the end-users to visualize the products in a more relevant context.






2,000 sqft



Keta Shah, Varun Shah, Harsha Mistry, Dutt Panchal



(c) Kunal Bhatia



November 29, 2015


Interior Design