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The Project Café

The Project Café has been conceptualized as a fresh, dynamic space merging three aspects – food, art and retail – where food acts as a catalyst for widening the reach of artists and designers among the masses. The idea was to create a language that serves as a neutral canvas for the numerous and changing artworks, which at the same time has a strong character of its own to give the café an identity that remains constant.

Situated in an old bungalow in Ahmedabad, the small, disconnected rooms were opened up for physical and visual connectivity, completely changing the perception of the space. Open shelving and flexible industrial display systems offer a raw and stripped down design language. The café sports eccentricity with varying, colourful furniture in each space to create a cheerful, inviting all-day vibe. The outdoor spaces on the ground floor have been designed to maximize the view, enhancing the experience of a street-side cafe.

Workshop Inc. worked closely with the team to identify and curate brands and artists. Collaborating with artists to create usable art – right from tabletops to cutlery and linens – was one of the main challenges of designing the café. It brought to life the concept of an art café being more than just a gallery, but where art can be experienced by all senses.







1,100 sqft



Keta Shah, Harsha Mistry, Varun Shah



(c) Kunal Bhatia


Featured in

  •, May 2016
  • Better Interiors Magazine, Aug 2015
  • VMRD Magazine, Apr 2015
  •, October 2015
  • Casa Viva Magazine, October 2015
  • Design Detail Magazine, May 2016


February 2015


Interior Design