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Studio Anupraas

Studio Anupraas is a designer label studio located in Ahmedabad.

The rhythm of the curved perforated partitions divides the space to accommodate the trial room and discussion area. The material palette was limited to white and grey which enables displaying Indian and contemporary wedding wear which is always full of colour and rich embroidery. Taking a cue from Indian fabrics, an embroidery patch was recreated in the perforated sheet which adds to the softness and colour for the studio.

The circular elements of the mirror, sofa and the lights complement the geometry. To make the studio look spacious – a full wall length mirror and suspended lights are incorporated as well as keeping the partition frames off the ground.

The space brings out a young, soft, welcoming feel that caters to its clientele giving them a rich designer and shopping experience.






550 sqft



Varun Shah, Kaveesha Shah



(c) Kunal Bhatia


August 2017


Interior Design