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  • Workshop Inc. Foodpiq


Foodpiq is an android-based mobile application that allows you to take the picture of a food dish, review and rate it, and tag it to the restaurant. It allows a customer to view the shared pictures and reviews uploaded by their friends or people they follow. This allows people to try and order something new from a frequently-visited restaurants as well as get to know popular dishes. Moreover, the users get points on uploading the pictures and using other functions of the app, which can be exchanged for discounts and deals at selected restaurants in their city.

The identity for Foodpiq was visualised as minimal and vibrant. The target audience being the youth, the branding and the campaigns were focused on connecting with them and making it fun and catchy. All the aspects, right from branding and identity design, website, app design, food styling and photography and the advertising campaigns were undertaken by Workshop Inc.


December 01, 2014


Graphic Design, UX/UI