Workshop Inc | Exclusif Travels
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Exclusif Travels

An office designed for a travel agency that caters to luxury and business travellers, the challenge here was to make the office look luxurious, yet subtle enough to make it feel like a workspace. A small reception at the entrance leads you to the central space, which has a booking desk for two people, and four small discussion tables.

A small conference room and the director’s cabin, make up the rest of the space. Purple, which is symbolic of royalty, and brass accents, add a hint of luxury, which is balanced out by the warmth of wood and black elements. The central space has a light installation inspired by metro maps. A travel graphic mural forms the backdrop of the office. A backlit onyx wall with a world map enlivens the director’s cabin.






925 sqft



Varun Shah, Harsha Mistry, Kaveesha Shah



(c) Kunal Bhatia


December 2016


Interior Design