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Advanced Diabetes Centre

Advanced Diabetes Centre (ADC) is a specialized healthcare centre for the treatment and prevention of diabetes and its side effects, spread across 4350 sq ft. in Surat, Gujarat. The design is an attempt to reinterpret healthcare design, creating a warm and calming atmosphere using colour and different materials, rather than stick to the notion of starkness that is usually associated with medical centres. Being a lifestyle clinic where patients are required to spend atleast a few hours at regular intervals to undergo testing, it was important to create various points of interest to keep it from being monotonous and boring over a period of time. The central waiting space incorporates a play of colours, materials and lights and acts as a connecting node for the rest of the spaces. The two corridors have been given distinct identities, keeping in mind their functions. The use of calming colours like yellow, blue and hues of green, materials like rusted steel and wood, and bold text that acts like a screen as well as serves as the signage, add to the dynamics of the space.






4,350 sqft



Keta Shah, Harsha Mistry, Varun Shah, Dutt Panchal

Done in association with KSA Design Planning & Services, Ahmedabad.



(c) Kunal Bhatia


Featured in

  • Inside Outside Magazine, May 2016.



August 2015


Interior Design